How to Prepare for an Emergency as a Pet Parent (TDIF #5)

Oct 26, 2019


How many of us have pushed off preparing for an emergency because we subconsciously believe something like that would never happen to us? Who else raised their hand? And how many of you have been pushing it off for sooo long that now that you have children or pets you really feel like you should get it together for at least them? Still raising your hand?

 Well, that ends today because spoiler alert.. We are not untouchable!!!

So let's get right to it..


First, is your HOUSE ready? 

  • Test fire and smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors
  • Make sure fire extinguishers are working and ready
  • Check first aid kits, flashlights, sandbags, storm cellars (whatever YOUR house needs to be ready!)
  • Does anything need to get done that you’ve been pushing off?
  • Are you up to date on rental, homeowner or any property insurance?


Next, are YOU ready?

  • Buy weatherproof storage container for all of your emergency kits
  • Prep a bag for each party in the house. So humans get a bag, dogs get one, cats get one, if you have a sick or special needs individual in the house pack a separate bag for them for easy access


Safety items for an emergency kit:

  • Flashlight, small radio, batteries, scissors/knife
  • Spare cash or extra debit card
  • Whistle, map, list of local resources
  • Fold and carry crate (one per pet)


Health items for an emergency kit:

  • Neosporin, bandaging, cotton balls & rubbing alcohol
  • Benadryl (write instructions on box - 1mg per 1 pound)
  • Stomach relief like canned pumpkin or probiotics
  • Ask vet what they can give you for a kit (i.e antibiotics, anti-diarrhea)
  • Tick removal and splinter tweezers
  • Preventatives for fleas, ticks, heartworm, etc
  • Water in BPA-free container, with a portable bowl


Now, these are items for your pet's bags, but do the same for the humans! We can’t take care of these cuties if we’re not doing too hot, right!? So what do the humans need? Extra eyeglasses just in case? Weird batteries for hearing aids. Think it all through!


Finally, it's time for a practice drill!

Don’t only pack emergency kits and get ready for that dreaded day. I want you to make a plan AND do a drill

What's in my family's emergency plan?

  • where to hide during
  • where to go after
  • evacuation routes
  • how to catch animals
  • how to pack the car with kits and supplies
  • what's the plan if the family isn’t together; where to meet
  • if you don’t have a trailer for large animals, who’s the closest friend or neighbor who can help
  • list of what you need to pack the day of (i.e important documents, laptops, passports, etc)
  • list of police stations, fire stations and other sources that you can go if the power is out

Think this all through, make a solid plan with the entire family, and then practice it to the bone!

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Visit for more information from FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency)