What's Actually Making Your Dog Scratch Like Crazy?

Sep 05, 2019


We all know having the itchy scratchies is a pain in the ass. So in this video, I dive into the top three factors that are causing your dog to scratch like crazy.

Excessive itching can come from parasites, environment or nutrition:


#1: Parasitic

-fleas (allergies triggered), ringworm, or mange (mites)


#2: Environment

-sensitivity to grooming products

-perfumes or candles

-detergents and cleaning products

-seasonal allergies

-plastic products


#3: Nutrition

It’s all about finding the TRIGGER (main triggers are corn, wheat, soy, dairy, chicken, beef and eggs

-protein source in kibble

-grain or potato

-new treats

-lack on nutrition


To determine what to do next you have to ask the right questions. How long has this been going on? Did it start after a new treat? new groomer? new cleaning product around the house? Dive deeper to see if this is an ongoing problem or if it's fairly new.

Spoiler alert: if your dog constantly licks their paws and has more than a couple hotspots a year they likely have some type of allergy or intolerance! 

Take advantage of dog ALLERGY TESTS to narrow down what may be triggering your dog. Call your local veterinarian for more info.


-take advantage of over the counter benadryl for allergic reactions. Please ask your veterinarian first if your dog is on any other medications or if they've had any reactions to OTC medications in the past. If your in the clear and your dog is having an allergic reaction, give benadryl twice a day with a MEAL (1mg per 1lb --> so 25 mg for a 25 pound dog). This will help soothe inflammation and reduce scratching to allow for proper healing.


Skin Supplements & Tips:

-add omega 3s to their diet

-prebiotics & probiotics should be given daily 

-regular baths or SOAKS spread out by at least two weeks apart

-check out apple cider vinegar benefits

-ask your groomer for soothing shampoos, or get medicated shampoo from vet

-brush regularly to reduce oil and dirt build up



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